Menu problems

i have a movie_clip (menu) that works perfect when i test it alone, but when i tested in the main movie, it doesn´t work.
the movie clip works like this: it follows the cursor on _yposition, and when u rollover it, it opens with a function(). This is the problem.

inside the movie_clip (menu) i have 4 buttons, that doesn´t work on the main scene, but it works fine when i tested alone.

any ideas…


this is the adress:

Sounds to me like the classic static targeting issue has struck again.

Never use _root in your actionscript otherwise when you load that movie into another movie, the whole timeline hierarchy changes and the _root is no longer the same timeline it was in the external movie.

Try playing around with this and _parent and see if it’s a targeting issue.

that could be if u load a movie into the main scene, but the movieclip is in the main scene… so is nothing about absolut or relative paths.

the buttons are just that… buttons that don´t work in the movieclip when the menu moves in _xposition…
other ideas???

any other ideas

what means: this.onRollOut = function()

and what is the diference with: bg.onRollOut

if i put “bg” on the function, the buttons work, but themenu don´t slide out… Why???

‘this’ will target the clip the code exists on.

‘bg’ will target the clip with the instance name ‘bg’.

thats fine, but what means “onRollOut”, and there is no “bg” mc. Anyway, the problem persist…
buttons work when i direct the function to “bg” or “nada” or what_ever", but the slideout function does not work… and if i put this.onRollOut = function(), then the buttons don´t work, and the slideout function, yes…

very weird