Menu Riddle

Okay, here’s my dilema:

I’m making a menu that I want to slide out from a mask. It’s kind of like a card popping out of a slit. To get the card to poke out of the mask/slit when you mouse over, I’m using [font=Courier New][color=RoyalBlue]on (rollOver)[/color][/font] on the movie clip containing the card. However, on the card is a series of buttons that I want to serve as the site’s main navigation. The problem is that since I’ve already used [font=Courier New][color=RoyalBlue]on (rollOver)[/color][/font] the buttons don’t work (at least the don’t seem to be). I’m sure I’m overlooking something and I’ve missed some terribly easy way to do this, but I’m going nuts.

Anyone have a brilliant work around for me? Thanks in advance!