[COLOR=SlateGray][FONT=Verdana]Hi people,

I have been using Flash on and off for a couple of years now and I am trying to learn actionscript as I go, I have come across a nice menu that I trying to create, I have attempted it the way I thought it would work, which didn’t. Here is the link to the menu I am trying to create, followed by how I attempted it, I suppose what I would like to know is how I should have created it (p.s. click on the launch button)

I created it by using buttons that ttrigger off two movie clips, one for the over state i.e. the slideout info, and one for press state ie the submenu. The problem is that I do not know how to get Flash to close the last active button when the next one is pressed (like in the above site), I want flash to also animate the last active button back in to place (also in the above site’s navigation).

I’m sorry for this long and winding message, but if someone could tell me how I can go about developing a navigation structure like the one in the link above the that would be great, or even of there is an online tutorial for similar problem solving in ActionScript, I’m sure I need to lay out some variable’s, but how I don’t know.

Thanks Loads in advance.