Merge layers...dumb question?

is there a way to combine layers into one layer…basically is there an option that is the opposite of the “distribute to layers” command? I have 5 layers i would like to make into one layer.

Nope :-\

If there is tweening going on, you are only allowed to have one object on that layer (or at least during the tween).

What you can do is right click on the layer area (where the name is) and choose “Insert Folder”, this will make a folder layer appear. You can drag what layers you want into the folder and that way you can maximize the layers when in use and hide them away neatly when not in use.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

oh i just emailed you to ask you …:slight_smile: sorry patience is a virtue i am told…but yeah i am working on something i have 6 layers that are single frame i’d like them to be one layer…but i guess that not going to happen…i just gotta plan better next time then…thanks :-\

If there are no tweens in certain spots, what you can do is select the object on one layer, right click and hit “Cut”, then you can click on the layer you want it on and hit “Paste In Place”.

OK well i did figure something else out, but i do have a question, i saw someone say never to use scenes, do you agree and if so why? cuz what i did what i made a scene and put all the layers on it then i did select all frames and copied then pasted them on another scene which caused it to paste into one frame and one layer which was perfect for what i wanted to do…but then again i wonder why i saw someone say never to use scenes? is there something wrong with using scenes? :q:

Never use scenes for building a full Flash sites. Using scenes will cause much longer loading times for the viewer. loadMovie is recommended for full sites because all unviewed content never loads, keeping the loading times down as much as possible.

So never use scenes for full sites.

[SIZE=1]i agree 100% with lostinbeta.

I use scenes for 1 thing only on full sites, and that’s the
preloader. So every section/module has it’s own loading time with
it’s own preloader.


Same here. Finally someone else who uses the old method of preloading!

ok…so how do you set that up? if i want all of my pages to look identical with the exception of one picture and the written content? Is that something that you can answer?

i just remembered seeing a tut on creating a full flash site so i’m gonna go look at that…thanks =)

Yeah, the full site in MX tutorial is a great tutorial, but everyone seems to just like downloading the end file and asking how each thing works instead of actually reading… so not that you wouldn’t, but please read the tutorial =)