Message in idle state

hi guys,

I m making a wbt where i want to display a message box if there is no interaction for some time (lets say 2 min).
The scenario is there will be some voice over & text which ask the user to click on smthng or drag & drop intr. so i need to check once the voice is over whether student has done some interaction or if its in idle state. if state is idle then display some text box or message asking user to click or somethng.



posting it again. didnt get any reply so far…
i m putting my question again:
how can i trap whether any activity is done by user or not in a given time interval. if no activity is done then how can a message be displayed to the user.


At the end of the voice, start a getTimer(), and if you click on something it resets the getTimer, otherwise it keeps going. Search the forum a bit on getTimer, there’s plenty of information.

pom :slight_smile: