Will take ur breath away looz911.tripod.com


Not Bad not bad at all.\r\rthe only thing that did not work right for me was the text buttons you had to be right over the text and not inbetween. just change the hit frame of those buttons and it will fix it like new.\r\rNice art work!\r\rMatt

thanx matt il fix that ass soon as posible but im actuly working on another project right nowbut that wont be posted for a few weeks cuz i jus started but it will be way cooler i hope. but till then i hav to fix wa i hav now so thanx again. \r\r\rdont u hav a site?, if u do send me a link.

I only have a website that i did for the company that i work for. I am a landscape architect and work for a firm in Idaho.\r\rwww.hatchmueller.com\r\rIt has alot of images and everything has a preloader.\r\rHope you like,\rMatt