Microsoft Word

how do i make a good looking CV in microsoft word

i have not used that peice of **** for sometime and forgot how to use it well

i need it so… example


like that but the line need to be solid, 1px and be right under the text but not so it touches it in anyway


hey man this isn’t a technical support forum we can’t help you with everything…
how about this, instead of making those lines, set that line to Underline and just tab a couple times. or if that doesn’t suffice, use the underscore symbol: ______________

Okie Dokie guys, you know what time it is right?
Yup, its:


okay… here’s my resume done on word… might help :slight_smile:

thanks for reminding me nali…
whoever needed the file would’ve downloaded it by bow… i’m removing the attachment

sigh you can’t save them all…

deleting your post isn’t going to change anything

that was me thor :slight_smile:

thanks man.

ahmed. Posting your home address and phone number might not be the smartest thing. Kirupa has been known to stalk his members :).

I don’t understand what you’re asking really, but put your name in a table. Then make the left right and top borders of the table invisible. But make the bottom border a single line. That’ll make it look like just a single line under the name.