"Midnight Mafia"-Online Card Game (Dev Team Needed)

Hi All,

I am making a card game based MMO called “Midnight Mafia”.

This is a 1D casual game where you attempt to figure out who is the “Mafia” and kill them before they kill you.
Each player receives a role at random(Mafia,Medic,Inspector,or Civilian)and based on that role you play a part in a story were the civilians try to kill off the mafia and vise verse while the medic try’s to save people or can be selfish and heal save there own life every round.The Inspectors job is to guess who the Mafia is and if the inspector guesses correctly then the narrator informs that the guess was correct. After the inspector knows who the mafia are he can then inform the citizens who the mafia is and help sway the vote to kill off the mafia.

• Programmer – AI, gameplay, Graphics ( python , C++)
• UI and graphics designers - menus, HUDs, widgets, and items.
• Concept and graphic artist – concept art, sprite sheets and backgrounds
• Anyone that can help with making this online and add it to a website

If you love the theme and genre and have the skills , PM me.Like myself , I am looking for people who want to have fun while working intensely.As the programmer & designer I will be responsible for production, promotion and team management.
I truly believe this is a great creative opportunity for everyone who will work & deliver this game.

Thanks Again for your time,