Mighty Mouse to the Rescue!

Because I want to be more Appley, I decided to buy a Mighty Mouse.

3 words: I Love It.

The middle wheel works really nicely… oh and its not really touch sensitive, it decides where the force is, the left or the right. It actually clicks.
edit:/ It is touch sensitive… sort of. It doesn’t right click when you have your left figure and your right finger on the mouse at the same time. Might be a problem for me :frowning:

I might or mighty (:D) not post pictures. Until then ask me questions :smiley:

What colour hair do you have?

:lol: Black.

Thing is, the mighty mouse doesn’t take pictures of the user :wink: Either way, my eyebrows are normal and my hair is alright :stuck_out_tongue:

wait a mighty mouse on windows?

Yeah there are driver packs. I don’t know about Harish’s OS though.
It sure works sweetly on OS X though.

It’s just a mouse? Even the other apple mouses would work on a PC. The driver auto installed while I wasn’t even logged in.

Yeah, that’s what I meant…but yeah…lol
I’ll shut up now.

No its alright, you can keep talking :stuck_out_tongue: Know of a driver pack which would allow me to customize the side buttons on the mouse… oh and perhaps have horizontal scroll work in photoshop :smiley:

Hmm…I’ll see if I can get the contents of the boot camp windows drivers cd for you.

The scrollwheel is so addicting to play with. I’d get this mouse just to mess around with it when I’m bored :stuck_out_tongue:

wow, I just got my mighty mouse yeasterday!