Mike: you and me

Hey Mike, wanna fight? I’m a bit rusty on the old photoshop, but I’d love to have a go witcha, big PS’er you are :smiley:

So what do you say?

sure thing braddah

I’m really “out of shape” though and havent touched PS since i started to learn PHP so it might not be the battle you are looking for :stuck_out_tongue:

whatever. it’s all good. so, lets do…

Theme: free-for-all (no theme)
Serves: 5 each (10 total)
Exchange: PSD
Size: Determined by first serve. Keep size.

You serve first.

Sound good? you can change it if you don’t like it… but since you said you’ve never played tennis before, I’ll give you a brief overview:

You start, and you make whatever sort of an image you like. Then, you upload the PSD (or email since your survur is down) and I take pieces from your serve and make a new image. You repeat that process, until you have served 5 times.

Sound good?

peace out


Base :smiley: I will get mine done in a few :smiley:

is this a battle? or a dead thread?

Ahh Mike! Good Luck guys,

[size=1]Oh and Body, smear mike to the bottom of your shoe ;)[/size] Haha J/K!!

hehe, yes this still alive… mike just hasn’t posted his serve yet… it’s his serve again (round 2, then)…

and yes, i’m pwnting him…


mike, post up your stuff… or i will! :confused:


C’mon guys i really wanna see the results of this battle!

mike’s at camp…


Have you finished yours Body??

yea… i’ll post… lemme find it digs through server

this is mike’s first serve:

to which i responded…


umm, ok

eh? yea, he wanted a weird theme… so…