Mimicking SaveAs rightmenu action - FileReference.download() or PHP

A client asked me why it’s not possible to do a “Save as” action
in it’s “brand new” “under construction” Flash website.
I used to make a simple php page to download files from a website…
never needed to do it from an swf file but after a few tests…

  1. I call an external php
  • if I call it in a “_blank” window the popup is probably (often:sigh:) stopped by some toolbar or limitation in scripts execution, when the popup isn’t stopped the download works fine :}(download starts and it’s possible to monitor progression in the downloads_browser_window) but it remains an opened php white page:sigh:
  • if I call it in “_self” :slight_smile: the download works but I cannot see the progression of it in the downloads_browser_window :h:
  1. I use FileReference Class
  • the download works :slight_smile: and I’m able to monitor download events from inside the swf file:thumb: (by FileReference event objects) but… :shifty: the client say me that he is expecting to see the download progression in the download_browser_window instead of a progression bar inside the swf_webpage where he started the download… :bored:

How can I

  • launch the download of a file from actionscript
  • see the progression in the download_browser_window

without asking the user to change his popup settings for the website…

The client is really upset because he wasn’t so sure in using Flash
and I pushed him in this direction…:worried:
now he is complaining for this “Save As” thing, for Search Engine Related Problems…

Any help is really, really appreciated