MINI CMS (php,sql and flash)

Hi there,
I’ve got a question about sql, php and flash. I want to make a website. It might seem stupid but I want to make the same site in html (php) and in flash. One for the people who don’t have flash, the other one for people who do. I want the site to have like 6 pages. Now I want to make a sql database that gives the 6 html and 6 flash pages their content. So the content of the flash and html pages are the same. I want to make a admin in html that can edit and control the 6 pages in the sql. Only edit, so not make or delete one just edit so that a person without knowledge can control it. So it’s kind of like a cms but then only for 6 pages of a website. Can someone help me, or point me to a tutorial that can help me. I know some things about php, but not of sql. Hope to hear something soon.