gday all, basically im making a flash game where u move about on an x coord and shoot up on mouse clicks (the bullets are a MC, cheers to Kirupa for his tut.) basically im wondering if the best way to approach the user having to hit a target would be setting the targets coords to variables, then making it so whenever the bullets (MC) coords = targets coords it hides the target, plays a little explosion, then reloads the target into a new location… still in the designer phase atm so i cant upload any source files, but im hoping i explained it well enough :slight_smile:

any tips/hints for pursueing this? got no problems writing the code, was just checking if its the best way to go about it (simply!)

It sounds like you want to do the same thing I just taught my students (thanks to Senocular for the FOR loop idea)

I am attaching a graphically ugly but hopefully useful FLA that does just mostly what you want.

Take a look and let me know if you have any questions!


tah, gimme a day or two while i dig up the spare time to pull your code apart :slight_smile:

thx alot