Ministry (The Band)

Just curious, but has anyone ever listened to any of their stuff? I first heard of them when they were featured on The Matrix (the first one) for their song “Bad Blood”. At the time, I wasn’t really into hardcore thrash/death (I assume thats what they could be called), but more into Punk. That didn’t dissuade me from picking up one of their reported “great” albums, “The Land of Rape and Honey”.

I picked it up again today, and I must say, it’s astounding how one’s taste in music can change in just a few years. I now listen to mainly Death/Black/Thrash/Hardcore metal (none of this Slipknot bull****, being so mainstream has altered the sound and meaning of what ‘Metal’ is, and should always, be), and Ministry ranks up there with one of my favorite bands.

If anyone else is into these genres, lemme know. I can recommend some great low-key bands which you may (or may not) have heard of. But, again, has anyone ever listened to them? Also, I’m not sure, but I’m picking up a slight Euro-Punk inspired vocal style from them. If anyone would care to shed some light on my assumption would be welcome.