Minor problem with Games in Flash MX... Need Help

Hi Flashers,

This is Vicky here. I’m not good in Flash Actionscript and so while making flash games, i get stucked with scripting problem. I desperately looking for some scripting help from you people. I’ve 4 problem with the games, I’m not asking anyone to do it for me, but I need your all help, as I think there is some minor scripting needs to do here and there which you people know and I hope you’ll help me as I’m learning Flash MX ActionScripting now.

Problem 1

In the first frame of a Scene, I’m having a button and a movie clip with instance name as BALL (this movie clip contains an animation of 35 frames), now by clicking on the button on the scene, this animation plays. I want that as soon as the animation completes it should go to the 16th frame of the main scene.

I mean i wanna move from a movieclips last frame to the particular frame of the main scene. I’ve tried using “gotoAndStop” script,and also used “_root.gotoAndStop” option, but nothing happens. Please help…

Problem 2

I’m working on a maze game where you have to move the character with the Keyboard keys and when it reaches a particular point, a animation plays. For this, I’ve used the script of the Sample file of Maze that comes with Flash MX Software. It’s working fine but it stops functioning after first scene.

I’ve created 4 scene, Like Scene1 - 1st maze, Scene2 - 1st animation, Scene 3 - 2nd maze and Scene4 - 2nd animation. In the 1st scene, where the character moves and reach the goal, and the animation plays of the 2nd scene. But when it goes to Scene3 with the 2nd maze, nothing happens, I mean the character doesn’t move. I’ve tried using different instance name and adding multiple movie clip of the character and the maze, but all in vain. Nothing happens. Please help.

Problem 3

I’ve five movieclips on the scene with instance name as BALL1, BALL2, BALL3, BALL4, BALL5, an each of them contains a button which is having a DRAG and DROP script. I’ve all the movieclips on the scene and its working fine. I want all the movie clips to be animated and appear in random order i.e. it should come from left of the screen and go to right of the screen. I’ve tried using Duplicatemovieclip script but that require a additonal instance name of the duplicated movieclips. If I’ll give an additional instance name to the BALL1 movieclip in order to appear, then the script of DRAG and DROP to the button of the BALL1 movieclip will not work as i’ve used instance name for the script. I hope you all understand what i mean to say.

Problem 4

Problem with SCORING…

I’ve created 6 Scenes with five buttons(answers of the questions) on each scene. Out of the 5 buttons, one is the right answer. User have to click on the right answer and it goes to next scene. If in the first attempt, user clicked on the wrong answer, a score get added (Used a Dynamic text field with Var as SCORE), and similarly if the user clicked on the wrong answer of the first four question in first attempt, the user sent to the beginning of the game.

Detailed : SCENE 1
On clicking on any button out of 4 wrong answer the script used
On Clicking on second wrong answer button, the score should not change. It should remain score=1
Similarly with the remaining 2 wrong answer button.

On clicking on any button out of 4 wrong answer the script used
On Clicking on second wrong answer button, the score should not change. It should remain score=2
Similarly with the remaining 2 wrong answer button.

I mean clicking on any wrong answer button in FIRST ATTEMPT, the score gets added and should not change on clicking on any other wrong answer button of the same scene.

I hope you all clear with my corrupted scripting question. Please suggest the solution as soon as possible.

I appreciate the feedback.