Mirror iframes content


I have 2 iFrames on a page, 1 large and 1 small they both display the same content and are both within their own layer, but only 1 is visible at a time. I have a swf nav bar with minimize and maximize buttons. The minimize button hides the large iFrame and displays the small iFrame and the maximize button does the oposite. This is working fine except if the user navigates in one iFrame I need to be able to get the other iFrame to update mirror it.

I have made a function, but its not doing what I want it to do (well it actually does nothing).

In the head of the page I put this function . . . .

function changeMaxiPreview() {
this.frames.floater2.location.href = this.floater.location.href;
function changeMiniPreview() {
this.frames.floater.location.href = this.floater2.location.href;