Mismatch audio streaming?!


I’m working on a tutorial with several streaming audio files, usually one per scene. What’s odd is that if I leave the stream property in the properties manager for the file, sometimes (and not consistantly) when I publish, the current scene will play the next scene’s audio.

My work around was to make them all Event instead of Stream.
Anybody else have this problem? Any suggestions?


I would guess it’s processor related…

I hadn’t considered processor related, but I’ve tried publishing on two different computers.

Well streaming can definitly be processor related especially if its off a server, and the end user has a slow processor and is trying to stream. What are the mhz and ram on those two computers? also are you doing this testing off a server or your harddrive?

The publishing computers speeds:

900MHz w/256 RAM
1.2GHz w/~650 RAM

I’m not tying in the connection. Could you explain?

Thanks for the response,

OOps. Forgot to respond regarding the server. It’s a BIG enterprise version for our company. Great speed for most things. The preview off harddrives & the server sound exactly the same.

Well off the server would be the real test not off your hard drive as far as streaming goes. Since you are testing on your harddrive, Flash is super fast to grab the swf file and the streaming is also accelerated, and could cause it to come in to quick, try it off the server and let me know if it still does the same thing.

(Make sure you have a preloader! :slight_smile: JesseH