MMORPG in Flash?

I have this plan, this is a big plan, So I decided to ask the experts (yourselves) to see if it is even remotely possible.

I plan to create a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) in Flash. The game is going to be real-time with players all over the globe. Taking into considerationg of whats good in the world’s best RPG’s, skinning off the bad things, and creating new concepts. Think of it, it could be as successful as Ultima Online, or Ragnarok!

This project will definitly take a long time in development, but I wish to challenge myself, and also to challenge the power of flash.

I would imagine the best approch to handle this would be to use Flash Remoting or Flash Comm Server. As the client would need to send small packets of data (X/Y Positions, damage, actions, etc) to the server to recieve, and return values that reflect toher players locations back to clients worldwide.

Ultimately I want to make this game, and Flash is one of the easiest development environments that I am exprienced with.
I wish I could give out more details, but it must be kept secret for developmental purposes :).
I, along with those who want to participate have brainstormed hundreds of ideas that we would like to see in a fresh new MMORPG. Some derived from other games, and many that have NEVER been done before. We wish to remain unique, and brand new to bring flash development to a new generation.

Once again I am asking you experts, if you know of a good way to approch this massive project. This project would make excellent portfolio work for participants.

Making a MMORPG in Flash
Not Pay-to-play
Need to know a good approach
Taking the good parts, and trashing the bad parts, and making new ones.
Can play ANYWHERE as long as you have a solid internet and a capable computer.