Mobile Company Concept

ANOTHER Concept design. I think I am going to add these to my site. Just so I can show my different sites.

It looks good, though I would think an ear would be better suited for a cellphone site than an eye would. :smiley:

its from the nokia site. ears arent attractive anyway. :-\

lol, I know. Maybe if those where the new video phones… :wink:


yeah ears are pretty gross. I think it will be great if you add more effects to it. The eye is cool. however I would colorize it…maybe just colorize the pupil to like a blue color…I think that would be cool…But it is good as it is just suggesting enhancements.

dont think you can use the image if its from the nokia site. i like the design, but to be safe , say they are experimental concepts on your site. and say where you got the image from.

yeah make sure you give props to them to be safe. i think this is one of your bests though.

not bad, but it looks like 100 others just like it. Maybe try to come
up with something a little newer and fresher.

It’s not bad at all, just lacks some originality.

[please don’t take it harsh]