Modern Chinese Art Flash Website


You are invited and welcome to visit the Modern Chinese Contemporary Art Project, which catalogs modern contemporary Artists in China and their work. Pleasr critique the website and whether the portfolio is easy to navigate.

More than 153 pieces of art has been scanned for your greatest enjoyment. Also included is works by the Nanjing Street Market Orchestra for your greatest enjoyment.
Thank you very much.`
curtis yee

its modern, but should have more color…it seems to cold

Well it looks ok. Looks like an html website. I think what makes it look like that is all the text on the bottom. I don’t know what the purpose of that text is, TAKE IT OFF! Other wise, it looks good.

Keep it up!

Oh sorry,

the test under the flash portfolio is for search engines and such. I turned the text to white so it’s not visible anymore. I hope this helps. Is there anyway a flash site can contain text for search engines like google to find?


Yes there is a way. What I did is on the index of the site, where you can put the flash detection script. If you’re not using a flash detection script, just make the index redirect to your actual page. And on the index, put all your text :). So the user never sees the page. But Google finds it as the whole site.