Modification needed in flash file

i am a newbie flash designer. a client has asked me to make modifications in a flash file used on his website. i am currently working on the same and would appreciate your help. the client has given me ‘about.swf’ file which i decompiled using sothink decompiler 4.5 build 90120 to ‘~about original.fla’. the xml folder resides in the same folder as ~about original.fla. it contains can download these files at

the change the client wants is as follows - if you view ‘about.swf’ - when you click on ‘key people’, the details of 4 people are given - vivek lakhwara, arun goswami, haresh nayak and ss balaji. he wants 2 more peoples names and details to be added. this means adding 2 more names in the top menu (which displays the persons details on mouseover) which currently contains 4 names and on mouseover their picture and details should appear similar to existing 4 persons

i have given ‘required changes.jpg’ to further explain my query.

please tell me if i have explained my problem properly or further clarifications are needed.