Modify document? help pls?

Ok, i realized that after i exported my .swf file there was too much empty white space around the actual animation and that white (transparent) space was screwing my resizing up because the extra space was acting as padding in HTML.

SO i tried to modify the document to try to hug the edges of my animation.

i resized it and it cut away the height from the BOTTOM of the image and left me with this problem:

Anyways…i figured "ok ill just move my animation up into the white space…but i cant really cuz i need to move every frame the same amount and i cant find a way to grab ALL the contents of my flash file and move it at the same time…

any ideas on how to make the empty space “hug” my actual content so it doesent throw off my webpage when i embed the .swf into an html table?

(the html thinks the .swf file is way larger in height than just the actual content, because of the white space around my animation)

There…i think thats understandable enough…i know its a crappy explanation.

Any help appreciated,