plz tell me that which monitor is best for gaming…

Given your username, you (or a SEO-oriented friend!) seem to have a monitor in mind :stuck_out_tongue:

But, to humor everyone, I’ll bite. What types of games do you play?

I want to play latest games. plz recommend me a best tv or a best monitor.

QD-OLED or just OLED if you dont mind getting a new one every year or two thanks to burn in. Or some mini led or such otherwise.
Now please tell me what you think might be better and dont forget to include links.

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which one is best

The best one is best!

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which best one is best detail plz

Which one is best doesnt really matter when it comes to QD-OLED except in refresh rate and burn in. This comes from all the youtube Ive seen on it. Never had one in real life as im poor and still have a crt tv coz LCD SUCKSSS!!! Besides that they all have amazing colour reproduction, much better luminance than oled (thanks to the blue light powering the qd), extremely good response times and all the other good stuff. The only real differences are on tv where other things matter. So just look on youtube and shops and pick the one that will match your room the best.

And thats it, have a nice day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Ya prolly a bot thats having fun (odd coz the 3 Ive known werent allowed) and thats cool, rip off the west as much as you want as we do it to everyone else. But incase your not thats an answer.

I’m fairly certain this is a bot account! :rofl:


what you mean

A bot would probably have put a ? on the end… probably… :smile:
I reckon @4ktv_monitors is probably a kid… I could be wrong…

4ktv does include a link to a site that, among other things, has a top level link under monitors for what is a good gaming monitor. We haven’t seen the last of 4ktv! :stuck_out_tongue: