Moon Patrol help plz

ok, i’m making a Moon Patrol game and i have run into a problem.

i have three enemies; copter, balloon and gas canister.
well, i can easily shoot them all down.

here comes the problem. i copy and paste the enemies scattered around the area. when i go and try it out, only the original can be destroyed.

i think i know the problem which is you shouldn’t copy and paste, but any suggestions on how to do it?

When you did copy and paste the ennemies ,
did you took care about their instance names .

> On your player when he shoots the ennemies u must have code it for the “original” one , just make sure it refers for the instances .

it didn’t work by copy and paste, it only works if you duplicate the symbol. is that the only way because i’ll have a lot of symbols by the time this game is finished

also, i’ll need a new
if (this.hitTest(_root.enemy)){

for each new enemy