More hard to find stuff

Has anyone seen a trackball for sale (like the logitech trackman wheel) that’s got a blue LED inside, perhaps with a clear shell? I know, it’s geeky and superficial - so don’t bother telling me that, I know already - but I want one anyway! Has anybody seen anything like this? I’m about to go buy one from office depot and take it apart to see if modding one is a possibility, but I’m not lucky enough to have the capability of molding plastic by myself. I could buy a block of acrylic and carve it out with a dremel, but what a hassle that would be. But I figure, with a blue case with blue/uv cathodes, cable wrap, red coolant running through the coolant lines, and a glowy blue keyboard, that would look awesome. Stick a clear acrylic ball where the old red w/ black polka dots ball was… that would be cool.