More Tutorials please

:panda: hey there, i’m new to these boards and i love it alread.
I love the tutorals of flash and photoshop and i went to all those other links that you have posted in the sticky- it’s all cool- but i want more kirupa made tutorials, 'cause they are so sweet, almost as sweet as uncle jesse’s hair (almost). but anyways some tutorials i would like to see are some by soulty and coppertop- they have alot of skill and i’m wondering how they do some stuff! like’s soulty’s footer that sparkles?

:ogre: oggghh RAAAHH!!

:sure: tee hee, thanks!

rat >> I sense you’re being sarcastic, but you do know what they’re talking about… the shiny bit of his footer…?

i think i’ve just made a fool of myself :stuck_out_tongue:

yeh so… how about them tutorials? huh? yes? john stamos?

well… it takes a lot of time to make a tutorial (if it’s gonna be a decent one) but as for soulty’s footer, i guess i could try to explain it briefly.

AFAIK, he’s created the image first, then imported it to flash to make the ‘shimmer’.
this effect involves creating and masking a vector shape… so he would have drawn his logo as a vector over the top of the image (probably in white).

then, he needs to mask the sections, and make a tween that will basically move along the vectors he drew, exposing a bit at a time… so it looks like a shimmer. There’s a tutorial that’s kinda the same idea on flashkit, i’ll see if i can find it…

EDIT: try this link :slight_smile:

yes that may be true, but you forgot that I use [COLOR=orangered][SIZE=4]“Special”[/size][/color] sparkle powder… lol

ahhhh… so that’s why i couldn’t replicate it.

but now i know your secret!! muhahahaha