Most size efficient; AS or Tweens?

Hey guys,

I am trying to get more into Actionscript with Flash at the moment.
I was wondering, when animating a website, or anything for that matter, is it more size efficient to use Tweens and simple AS like gotoAndPlay, or to just use more advanced AS?

For example if I was to create a movie clip button which when rolled over animated, would it create a smaller file by using just AS to animate it? I usually just use a lot of tweens, with stop, play, goto etc. to do it.

The goal in the end is to create as small a file as possible, for obvious reasons. While content will ultimately be responsible for size, if I can cut down on the size of non-content, such as animation, that would be good.

Yeah, so what’s your view? AS or Tweens? Which creates bigger file sizes?