Motion tweens not working (?)

i’m making a load of little movieclips that i’m then placing onto the main stage. one of these movieclips has some fading text with a motion tween and negaive alpha, and there are some rotating and size transformations here and there… anyway: if i manually drag the timeline, i can see these efects taking place, but if i test the movieclip i only see the first tween (a text transformation - from little to big) and nothing else… ?
also, when i place the movie in the main timeline, i only see the same - none of the other effects (the negative alpha and the flips) ??

i did a ‘save as’ to ‘flush’ any crap out, but same results occur.

is there a limit of little movie clips you can have on teh time line? or is this something more sinister?

not a limit that you’re likely to encounter…

can you send the file to me? I’ll take a look at it today and send it back promptly. Either it’s an outright glitch, or it’s something that is unlikely to be solved through posts.

my E-mail is [email protected]

cheers for that
i appreciate it

I figured it out. You had many of the text fields set as “dynamic” even though they were filled in with text. I don’t think that the dynamic text will let you do what you were doing. None the less, I’ve fixed what I found and sent it back to you. Hope it helped.

thanks very much