Mouse control

Right, couldn’t find a thread on this (if anyone else knows of one I wouldn’t mind) - I’m trying to make it so that I can control the mouse for an effect. achieves what I want to achieve with the mouse: taking it to a certain position, playing a small animation with it (ie the dragging) and then returning the mouse to its previous position. Anyone have any ideas?



I’m not sure but they may be setting it like _root._xmouse=500 or soemething, I’ve never tried it though so not sure

either that or more likely they set visibility on your mouse to false an animated their own

looks clever…i’d like to see what it will look like [your site] when its done. :slight_smile:

What they basically do is hide the mouse, put a graphic of a cursor on the spot where the (hidden) real mouse is at, move that graphic to a predefined point with a movement script, the point where the fake mouse clicks and drags, they change the graphic to a clicking hand, the background is dragged in place by a tween or by scripting, the graphic changes back to the normal mouse and moves back to the current position of the real, invisible mouse, and when it’s there the real mouse is made visible again and the fake mouse is removed.

i think hes rite, becuase…click something, and point your cursor on the stripes background…freeky eh?

When you put it like that Voetsjoeba, it kinda takes the fun out :stuck_out_tongue: cheers for the solution, will give that a go :wink:

Yeh this latest site I’m working on will hopefully be my best to date, I will spend some extra time on it to get it just right. So no worries pup, it will be in the site critique in about 2-3 weeks (I haven’t actually started it yet!) and you can see how it turns out.

darn it beaten to it… if u hav xp ur default cursor has a shadow under it… in the anim, the cursor doesnt… i presume ifu hav ne kind of custom cursor same thing happens…
an just for the record i dont like stuff like that… i like to hav complete control over my cursor :wink: lol


I’ll keep that in mind :wink: - I most probably won’t do it anyway now, I realised I couldn’t pull it off and be original at the same time!