Mouse Follow with Collision Detection

I’ve had a search through the tutorials and through these forums and I haven’t found a solution to my problem yet.

I have a boat which will follow my mouse, which I have got working via the tutorial situated at:

That’s easy enough.

My problem is not making the boat stop if it collides with another movie. You can view what I currently have here:

and the fla is located at:

If you look at this movie you will see the boat following your mouse, and I’ve inserted a basic island on to the stage. What I want to happen is that if the boat touches the island, it stops. so for example if you were moving your mouse right to left across the island, the boat would stop on the right hand side of the island, but if you moved your mouse back to the right, it would move away from the island and follow your mouse.

I’m not too bothered about it detecting certain areas of the boat, the center point is fine.

Does anybody know how to do this, or know of a tutorial somewhere which is similar?