Mouse follow?

Hey, I’m working on my new portfolio site and I have a little idea.


Ok, so if you go to my SWF you see my interface with a little man. Now if you wish you can press the LEFT and RIGHT arrows to control him. Pressing the SPACE key will make him touch the buttons and invoke an animation. Great, that’s step 1 of my interface. Basically this then leads into my transitions and so forth.

SO here is my question. I want it to also function on mouse click of these buttons. Since not everyone will want to use the arrow keys/space key (I will make it known that you can). I want to have it so if they mouse over any of the buttons, he will go there. Basically I want him to be controlled by the keys (done) AND follow the mouse when it is over a button.

So when someone mouses over contact, he will walk over to where there mouse is and if they click he will do that part too.

Sorry that was kind of long, but can anyone give me a hand? Maybe show me an example of something similar? I’m ok at actionscripting but I’m a little fried right now been working on Flash all day.

Thanks guys.