Mouse over scroll bar nededed

ive seen it a few places and would like one on a site im currently designing. It is a scrollbar that scrolls when a mouse is rolled over either side of the object. So when you mouse over the left side it scrolls to the left and when you mouse over the right side it scrolls to the right. I expect theres a tutorial on this but am not sure wher to look. Please help me.

Did this for someone here. Might help:

thanks boss, but my Mac has recognised this as a php file and is unsur on how to open it. What app will open this. Like i said thanks mate.

That’s zipped with winrar - won’t work on MAC, try this

Let me know if you get it so I can take it off…

You can add the scroll bar arrows in yourself, depending on the coordinates in the script. If you still have probs, post again. There should be a tutorial on this site somewhere…

Na, it just opens page with loads of text on.
Im sure ill find somthing someware soon.
thanks again