mouseEnabled Not Working As Expected

Hello. I have a MovieClip on the stage that’s operating as a button with ROLL_OVER, ROLL_OUT, and CLICK events established. In the CLICK event, I want to disable the button through: theMovie.mouseEnabled = false, but it’s not working! The ROLL_OVER, ROLL_OUT and CLICK events continue to fire despite trace statements confirming that mouseEnabled = false! Here’s the code:

private function clickHandler(evt:MouseEvent):void {
//do some stuff…
var selectedClip:MovieClip = MovieClip(evt.currentTarget);
selectedClip.mouseEnabled = false; //mouse events are still enabled after this runs!
selectedClip.buttonMode = false; //this works

private function rollOverHandler(evt:MouseEvent):void {
//now that mouseEnabled = false, this event shouldn’t fire, but it does!
//what’s worse - the trace below confirms that mouseEnabled = false! shenannigans!
trace(“this shouldn’t be displayed at all”, evt.currentTarget.mouseEnabled);

If anyone has any insight as to what’s happening here, I would be grateful for your help! Thanks!