MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER Help

Hey All,
I’m having a problem w/ the mouse over event.
Basically, I have a flash presentation w/ a movieclip that animates across the screen and stops. The movieclip has a ‘hover over’ state which causes it to ‘highlight’ if the mouse is over the movieclip. I accomplish this by adding an eventlistener to listen for the MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER event.

If the movieclip comes to a stop and then i move my mouse cursor over it, the movieclip will fall into the hover over state. However, if the movieclip animates over to where my cursor is and stops, it will not get the MOUSE_OVER event.

I believe this has to do w/ the MouseEvent’s only getting dispatched on the mouse cursor actually moving. Can anyone offer any alternatives to get the movieclip to detect a MOUSE_OVER event if it were to animate under my cursor?