"mouseover"-like effect for text?


I’m using Flash 8 to create a FlashPlayer 7-compatible application… It will have a few dynamic textfields that will be filled from live XML data (all this is not a problem- I’ve done that before ^_^)… but I have a problem:

I know that you can use HTML in Textfields. I know that you can use “asfunction” in HTML-links to call functions. I know how to make a “floating MC” that follows the mouse like a tooltip with changing text and all, triggered by an onRollOver for an MC… BUT:

Is there a way to assign such an “onRollOver” (that switches a trigger value for a “tooltext MC”…) to a link in a textfield? The problem is that the textfield is scrollable and the entries in it that are linked can have various length of 4 to 12 letters length. Otherwise I’d do it with transparent MCs above the linked areas… but that would be rather complicated… does anyone know how it could be done otherwise?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: