Mouseover resize, smoother preloader (Flash 8)

I’ve done the search thing and found a few helpful threads. Unfortunately I can’t seem to get the AS to work in Flash 8, probably because it’s AS1, at least that’s my best guess. So I thought I’d start a new thread and hopefully get one of you guru’s to help me out.

First off, I want a smooth preloader. I found this tutorial on smoother preloaders, but for some reason it doesn’t work in Flash 8. I imagine that it probably uses depreciated code, but I don’t know enough AS to be able to “fix” it on my own, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Second question: I recently created a start button using the glow and drop shadow filter animation tutorial from, it looks cool and all but I want the MC that I’m using (a simple circle) to shrink when I mouse over and grow back when I mouse out, with easing. As I’ve said, I found a few helpful threads here on Kirupa, but either I’m just not getting it or the code doesn’t work in flash 8. I don’t have an FLA right now because I got frustrated and closed without saving. :frowning:

So if anyone has the answers to either or both of these questions I’d really, greatly appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile: