Mouseover scaling

I’m new to actionscripting I want to make a MC scale when my crsor is over it and go back to normal when it’s not.

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
if (_xscale<100 ) {_xscale = _yscale += 10;

This is all the as i have but i do not know how to make it so the mouseover function is involved

can someone help?

it’s Dutch. in this case it means “scale”


with movie clips acting as buttons :frowning: anyone know a way around this?

It worked for me (see modified “resizemore.fla” above). It has the OnRollOver and OnRollOffs to control the look of the button, just add an OnPress to make it do something…

as a button inside a movie clip that has the roll over scale script applied to it?

the MC inside actin as a button doesn’t work do you know why?

got it working :slight_smile:

thanks again for having patience and helping me out:thumb: