Move 1 movie clip with 4 different butns

I am designing a site with four “pages” each page is on a different frame of the same timeline. I have four navigational buttons for each frame. I have a movieclip in the shape of a small triangle that indicates which button has been pressed.
On the initial load of the site the arrow(triangle) is not shown on the “home” page. I would like for the arrowmc to show under the button that is pressed, then when another button is pressed the arrowmc would slide under that button. Say I press button A then button D the arrowmc would slide horizontally underneath button D. I think I need a function call for each onPress event but telling the movieclip which button to slide under is what is stumping me.
Any help would be great.

that easy, just give every button this code:

on (release) {
_root.pressed = “D”;

D is the letter of your button, eg. button A --> A

then, give your mc the following code:

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
if (_root.pressed == “A”) {
this._y += (*-this._y)/3;
if (_root.pressed == “D”) {
this._y += (**-this._y)/3;

replace the * by the Y-position of the A-button
replace the ** by the Y-position of the B-button.

This way, your movieclip will slide under your button (because of the “/3”)