Move an object with scripts


I got an instance I wanna move when clicking the background… and I want it to move to the place I click, Its for my volume bar. At the moment you can drag the volume instance but if you click on the background you wont go there…

This is how the code looks like now:

var music:Sound = new Sound(vSound); 
// initial x position fo the dragger 
mp3Player.dragger._x = mp3Player.line_mc._x+mp3Player.line_mc._width+3; 
mp3Player.dragger.onPress = function() { 
   this.startDrag(false, mp3Player.line_mc._x, this._y, mp3Player.line_mc._width+mp3Player.line_mc._x+3, this._y); 
   // drag function for the volume slider 
   this.onEnterFrame = function() { 
      Volume = _root.mp3Player.dragger._x-_root.mp3Player.line_mc._x; 
      // set the volume variable 
      // set volume 
mp3Player.dragger.onRelease = mp3Player.dragger.onReleaseOutside=function () { 
   delete this.onEnterFrame; 
      startVolume = 30; // use the start volume variable and set it to 50 
      _root.mp3Player.dragger._x = _root.mp3Player.line_mc._x + startVolume; // set the dragger x position equal to the startVolume; // set the volume of the sound object 

Dragger is the actual volume bar and line_mc is the background, This is how the player looks like now