Move and Scale


This is my first post - I took a class on advanced Flash, and my professor listed this site as a resource and it’s been a tremendous help. Thanks so much!

I’ve spent a few hours beating my head against the wall on this problem, so I’d appreciate any help you kind folks could bestow on me.

I’m trying to scale and move a clip through action script. And the end result is working - the clip ends up the size and position I want it to. The problem is the clip starts the scale action before the move position action. It seems to move to an arbitrary coordinate before starting the x and y move action. I’d like the move and scale actions to happen simultaneously.

Here’s the code:

scaleAmt = 25;
((mainclip._x -= scaleAmt*1.71) and (mainclip._y -= scaleAmt++));
if ((mainclip._x<=-2880) and (mainclip._y<=-1680)) {
((mainclip._xscale += scaleAmt++) and (mainclip._yscale += scaleAmt++));
if (mainclip._xscale>=500) {
mainclip._xscale = 500;
mainclip._yscale = 500;

I get the feeling I should put this into a for loop, but I’m not sure how to do it. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks so much in advance!