-=Move Movie Clip=-

Although this should be a breeze for someone such as myself… I can’t seem to get a certain aspect to work…

I need to basically move/duplicate a currently existing movieclip into another dynamically created movieclip. All attempts thus far have failed :-\


I tried a general duplicate movie clip method.

duplicateMovieClip(“Close”, “CloseButton”, eval(WindowName+".TitleBar"));

This faultered as the duplication just occured on the root -_-


I even attempted creating a null movie clip in one of my layers then swaping depth.

eval("_root."+WindowName + “.TitleBar”).createEmptyMovieClip(“closeholder”, 1);

In this case I’m probably using [and understanding] depths incorrectly. Basically I assumed depth/target/object were interchangable as in specification of a path… or a general depth.


Any idea’s on moving my movie clip around throughout other dynamic movieclips/objects? Im thinking I MIGHT have to specify the path as a variable then eval the var to associate properly… hmm.

Thanx in ahead,