Movie Across Multiple Scenes

I have multiple scenes in my flash website, however I wish to have a small movie-clip of a rotating cog appear in all scenes in the same position.

I was thinking about simply pasting the movie in the correct position in all my scenes however when you move to another scene the cog jumps to its starting point again, making it look really stupid.

Is there a way I can continuously play this movie clip across my scenes?

Thanks to anyone who can help.

do you have a link we can look at? so we can see whats happening.

I’m not sure if you can achieve this but what you might want to try doing is using the attachMovie method. Put this code on a selected frame, for each scene.

_root.attachMovie(“dog”, “newdog”, 1){
_root.newdog._x = desired position
_root.newdog._y = desired position

this should help.


I’ll give it a go ICEMAN, thank you. I’m afriad our webserver is kinda dead at the moment so I can’t put a link on for anyone to see what is actually going on with it. I’m going to go kill my web server now. What would you recommend: axe or hammer?