Movie basics

Here’s my question.

I have a movie, say a rotating blue star, in my library. After i drag it to the stage, what is the best way to duplicate the movie, if i need to change it to a rotating red star, for example?

I notice if i drag the movie to the stage twice and change one, the other is changed too.

do i have to create another movie ( copy and pastes frame) ech time i need to create a duplicate?

If i choose modify instance - it lets me change the alpha, effects etc but not the colors and shape.

make your star white and after you place it on the stage go to the ‘effects’ palette and select ‘tint’ then choose your color.


what if i need to change the shape?

anyone know how to do this?

Well you’d better not use a star if you need another shape…

pom 0]

I’m using a star just as an example.

The intention is generally to create one movie and duplicate it several times on a stage with some added variations to each instance.

for example, if i was going to create 10 birds flying - I could make one bird movie and duplicate it 10 times and modify each of the other 9 , diff colors, size, etc.