Movie clip as a button?

I’m trying to create a scrolling image menu ( its the question a few down from this one!!) I’ve managed to get it scrolling after a lot of help from everyone (thank you!!) but am still ironing things out.\r\rMy next hurdle is how to make the images I’ve got (which are movieclips) into working buttons so when I click on a specific image it takes me to the larger image I have in a timeline.\r\rSo the question is how do I make a movieclip work as a button so I can use the “on mouse event”? \r\rAny answers??\r\rPaul

With Flash 5 : you have to put a buttons inside the movie clips\rWith Flash MX : you can put button events to clips :smiley: \r\rpom 0]

Cheers…but if I need the button as the movie clip aswell does that make a difference?\r\rFor example if I make an image a button, add the “onmouse event” actions I want i.e “goto”.\r\rAfter that do i make the button a movie clip so I can add the “onClipEvent” action I need to make the scroll work?\r\rWould that work?\r\rOr would the button actions erase?\r\rHow about that for a question!\r\rThanks Paul\r

So I must understand that you’re on flash 5… Anyway, here’s what to do :\rSelect your image, turn it into a button with F8.\rPress F8 on more time, and select movie clip.\r\rYou’ll have a movie clip containing a button containing an image. You can put actions to both the clip and the button (you have to edit the movie clip to get to the button).\r\rpom 0]

Yes you’re right I’m on flash 5 sorry!.\r\rThats seems to have done it, I’ll try it in the scrolling menu and see if that works…\r\rYou’re a true genius…genius I tell you…seriously thanks you’re doing a grand job!

Stop it, please !\r\rpom <img src= ALT=":o">