Movie Clip Behavior

newbie question…
first i click on create symbol…and gave it a movie clip behavior… i made an animated sequence using still pictures… then click back on edit movie… in the library when i preview the symbol…it actually is animated…when i dragged it on to a frame… when the timeline hits that frame…only the first pix of the sequence is shown… can someone tell me what i’m doing wrong?
preciate the advice…

I would check two things first

A) look at the object in the library. Does it have a movie clip symbol, or a graphic symbol?

B) select the object instance on the stage and check in the instance panel. Does it show movie clip symbol, or graphic symbol?

It may be that you accidentaly created a graphic as opposed to a movie clip. The instance can be changed in the instance panel. The origional, must be changed in the library, with the blue “info” button at the bottem of that panel.

If it’s not that problem, write back.