Movie clip button to Main Movie communication

I have a main movie that contains a movie clip. That movie clip plays a roll over and roll out animation that works as an animated button. The problem is that I cant get the movie clip to tell the main movie to go a particular frame when I add a on release command(inside the main movie that is). I can make it load a movie but it screws the animation flow of the site. Is there a work around?

If I get what you mean then you just need to target the main movie, so something like:

on (release) {

Hi Insomnic:

Thanks a lot for your help. That’s exactly the way to do it. As a matter of fact, a few hours after I sent the message, I ran across my Flash Bible and figure it out. I still had the curiosity to know if there was another way, but your answer is right in the spot. You guys are the best. You don’t have an idea how much I have learned from this site.

Keep up the good work.

Say hi to Kirupa for me.