Movie clip conflicts (using mpegs as video)


i am having a big problem with a flash site i’m building. i’m new to flash (i’ve only been using it about 2 months). i have a portfolio page on which i have 2 movie clips with an mpeg video in each. i tested each of the movie clips in their own timelines, & the video plays fine within them. i have placed the movie clips on the portfolio page’s timeline. when you click on the phrase “tv commercials,” you’re supposed to go to the frame with the first commercial in it (the 2 clips are the same commercial–one in english, one in spanish). anyway, it goes to the frame, but only shows a black box with the sound to the commercial playing–no picture. if you click on “click for spanish version,” it goes to the frame with the spanish commercial & plays just fine–video, sound, everything.

the file can be found at

what in the world can i be doing wrong? i’ve tried lots of things to no avail. i have a feeling it could have something to do with what levels the videos clips are on, but i have no idea how to fix that (or even find out what levels they’re on). i really really really need help on this! i’m at my wits end. i can send the flash file to anyone who thinks they may be able to help me.

i thank you in advance,