Movie clip control through xy coordinates?

Is it possible to “scroll” back and forth the frames of a mc by using x and y coordinates?
Like for example, I have a box with 3 items on it:

I want to display a picture of an Apple when hovering over the word “Apple”. Then, when slowly moving the mouse downwards, the picture of the apple would fade into a picture of an orange, and once the mouse is fully over “Orange” the 100% opaque orange picture would be there. And same for the pic of the orange fading into the pic of the bananna.

I’m assuming that if I set up a “Fruit MC” with simple tween fades on the pics, I should be able to move back and forth between the frames in that “Fruit MC” by moving the mouse back and forth over the names of the fruits.

I hope you understand what I mean and can perhaps point me to a tutorial, sample code, or better yet a sample fla.


This should get you started:

Aha! You are great! Thanx a million…i must have overlooked that one :open_mouth: