Movie Clip Duplication Problems


I am currently making an aim-and-shoot style flash game in AS2. In it, I only have one test level so far with an assortment of weapons (pistol, fists, vulcan, SVD, shotgun). The enemies consist of only two types: walking zombies and flying monsters. I got the flying ones to spawn infinitely, and after tons of problems I got the zombies to spawn as well.

Unfortunately, the zombies first glitch to a random location on the map before going to the predefined spawning locations. They then may come out walking straight or backwards (chosen randomly)! I even wrote a small algorithm that checks one time after the zombie loaded to see if it is looking straight- no success. I made the first zombie become a duplication template off screen.

One last problem: All of my weapons work fine, except that the shotgun does not do damage to the flying monsters from one side, and the zombies take random amounts of damage from it (at same distance). When the player dies, I cannot unload the zombie movie clips, or it will crash once the “try again” button is pressed.

Unfortunately, I cannot upload the game, for it is too large of a file. :crying:
I can show you some code, though.

Any help is appreciated!