Movie clip into a button?

i have movie clips that are text that i want to turn into links. links that light up with the mouse goes over and goes back on the mouse out and does stuff when the user clicks it. i know the coding, but guess what. it’s not working!! :slight_smile:

i have a menu that comes in with an animation on the main timeline. then i have a new wave of key frames with invisible shapes over the text (movie clip shapes with 0 alpha and movie clip text). mcMain1 is the name of the movie clip i want to “link”. it’s actually the invisible shape i’m linking but i want when the user rolls over the shape for the mcMain1 to change colors (to a deep red).

code for the movie invisible shape thing:

on (rollOver) {
var colorful = new Color("_root.mcMain1");
on (rollOut) {
var colorful1 = new Color("_root.mcMain1");
colorful.setRGB (0x000000);
on (press) {
getURL (“”);

the on press works, the on rollover (and rollout) don’t…

you should post your .fla, but I think you can just convert the things you want to “light up” into buttons and then change the over state to be what you want the change to be.

holy bullets batman! that was a fast reply. i’ll try that…

(the fla is to big to upload btw…)

ok, didn’t work. well it worked but not the way i wanted it to. how do i fix the problem of it only doing the button functions only when the mouse is right on the exact pixels of the text? i want the “link” to be a rectangle encompassing the perimiter of the text…

You gotta define the HIT area.

> In the Hit state (frame) draw a rectangle the same size as the text, doesn’t matter what color it is becuase it will be invisible.

genius! now for linking the buttons. i thought i would put a getURL in the down frame, but i thought wrong. it didn’t work. so on the main timeline i put an on (press) getURL thing for the button. is that smart?

In your main Timeline: Select the Button then open the Actions panel (F9) and type this in:[AS]on (press) {
}[/AS]So yes, it is smart. :wink:

ok… figured that part out. it’s all done, just doing the final touches. now…

onClipEvent (load) {
_x = 138;
_y = -245;
speed = 3;
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
endY = _root._ymouse;
_y += (endY-_y)/speed;

that is the code that makes my little fish float up and down in accordance with the mouse. but… when the swf loads, the fish comes down halfway, without my mouse even touching the swf file (within the html file i’m talking). as in the origin of the movie clip with the fish, settles on the x-axis (which is the top boarder line). the load event keeps it well out of site, but with no mouse interaction, the fish ends up poking his butt into view… any idea how to fix that?

also… when the user moves their cursor off the swf file, i want the fish to pull back up. does that have anything to do with a focus? how should i do that?

(i couldn’t upload the fla… too big :()